This page contains general information on certain items please read carefully before purchasing


Knives       Our policy is not to supply knives, implements or tools to persons under the age of 18 years of age,   by placing an order confirms you are over the age of 18,


All pictures, sizes, descriptions etc quoted are approximate and as these are a crafted product and all products are hand produced/finished they will vary, In some cases you will purchase the exact item pictured and in other cases when you select a specific item it could be made for you, We use mostly natural resources and if during production an item such as wood, steel, bone, antler etc have an abnormality in some cases this will be left, in fact if I feel it adds character I will enhance or emphasize this,

The knives I provide are targeted to achieve the following: Stainless Steel Blades 56-57 Rockwell C Scale, If you require Stainless harder we can do a second temper i.e: a double temper using cryogenic treatment which will increase your Rockwell 57-58,

My Nordic style knives in High Carbon Steel are hardened RHC 64 tempered to RHC 59, Other knives such as collectibles will vary,


Walking Sticks/Hiking Poles    


The sticks I make are from natural products such as wood, antler, horn etc, These natural products from time to time may have blemishes, If I feel they will add character or enhance them I will leave them, Some sticks will be stripped before varnishing hence extremely smooth, others will have bark left on resulting in a rougher texture even though they are still sealed,

All length dimensions quoted are the minimum. In some cases the sticks are marginally longer, All sticks come with Brass and or rubber ferrules or Alpine spikes if requested, All sticks are easily trimmed to your exact height requirements, These sticks are designed as a walking aid as well as a form of art, They are not designed to bear the full body weight, whilst pole vaulting etc, nor are they designed to take high impacts i.e: hitting hard on brick walls or any other stupid activity as this may cause weakness or breakage, 


We accept no responsibility to any person or persons or property relating to or as a result of misuse, defects or abnormalities, caused by or during the manufacturing or ongoing use of any of our products,



By placing your order we will dispatch your selected products or make them to the same specifications as listed or to your selected choice once payment funds have cleared, If it is an off the shelf product it will automatically be dispatched in this case you have a 7 day cancellation period from time of ordering, if we are making a product specially for you then your cancellation period finishes when we have your funds cleared. No refunds can be given for items that are being custom made (95% of our products are custom made), Obviously your statutory rights are not affected and all warranties are as normal,

Waiting/Manufacturing Times:

Some of our products are ready for dispatch other items are made for you and can take up to 28 days although usually much less, but at peak times of the year this can dramatically increase, You should be aware of this prior to placing an order, 90% of our orders are shipped within the UK by either 24 hour courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery in both cases signature will be required, A fixed fee for this is quoted on your order form, The same fee applies irrespective as to how many products you order at one time i.e: 1 or 101 at one time one fee,

Sales outside the UK mainland, Once your order has been accepted we will invoice you for the additional shipping fees and these will generally be by UPS or Fedex worldwide,


If refunds are to be given for returns, breakages or warranties, these will be minus postage all transaction fees and or restocking charges if applicable, In the unlikely event you are returning a product for whatever reason it is done so at the Buyers expense and risk,

Private Policy:

Your privacy is a priority, We do not sell or exchange customer information with anyone else

We share relevant information only with those parties entrusted to process the smooth delivery of your order

When you place an order with us we ask for your name, home address and phone number, we also ask for your credit card details.
We make every effort to ensure security, We carry out various security checks to ensure the address given is correct,

When we no longer need the information we have collected we destroy it safely by shredding it,

What steps are taken to keep my personal information private?

Your order information is sent to us through A ‘Secure Session’ established with Secure Socket Layer (SSL),

This technology encrypts (scrambles) your account information before sending it to us, making it virtually impossible for anyone other than us to read it.

What if I don’t want to send personal information over the Internet?

Simply use our website like a catalogue to look up the products you want then phone us to order, Tel: 01292 531675 


By placing an order on our site you are confirming that you have read and understand and agree to the terms set out or described on this website,